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After an encounter with a soul-stealing shadow, Arial sets off on a journey to reclaim what he has lost. However, his task is much more complicated than he bargains for, and he quickly begins to learn the consequences of wandering into the dark...


» We're back!

Well, that three-week hiatus sure did turn into a six-month hiatus. But a buffer was made during that time life prevented me from updating, and updates have resumed, so hopefully there won't be any more interruptions for a long time. :) Looking forward to getting on with the story!

» Hiatus

Echo will be going on a short hiatus while I'm off on a business trip in Japan, forgetting how to speak English and spending way too much money on souvenirs. Updates should resume April 27! :)

» Double Updates Month

In honor of the March 4th anniversary of Echo's online debut (and in order to get rid of a large, pesky buffer), this March is now Double Updates Month! Pages will be posted every Monday and Thursday until April, when we'll return to a weekly schedule of Thursday updates. Hooray!

» Updates resume!

Echo returns from its hiatus tomorrow, hooray! I built up a nice buffer again, so updates should continue unabated until at least April--still once a week, though, sorry. But constancy over quantity, I guess?

» Summer Update Schedule

Sad news for the start of a new chapter, but updates are dropping down to once a week on Thursdays until August 16. The comic will then go on hiatus until September 13. The reason for this is that each page is hand-drawn, and I don't have access to my scanner during summer break. Depending on my packing skills, I may not have my tablet for the summer, either. (It's not exactly "travel size"...)

Updates from June 7-July 19 will be uploaded ahead of time, because I'll be in Germany, and I'm not sure if I'll have internet access in my apartment. If I do, though, I'll likely be uploading pre-scanned sketches periodically on my tumblr: berowake.tumblr.com. (Also assuming I'm not starving to death as I try to cook for myself for the first time, ahaha... sandwiches forever?)

Also, thanks to you anonymous folk who are reading my comic-in-progress! Some interesting things coming up in the next two chapters--can't wait to share them. :)

» It Begins!

After having had this website for two years, I'm finally uploading pages!

...Unfinished pages. Because that's what I got time for. But they are progress, so I'm happy, at least.

I have a buffer of about 30 pages, which should last us 15-30 weeks, depending on how often I decide to update. We shall see!

» Content on the way

I haven't touched this website in far too long, ack. But expect pages in mid-September! Real ones! It will be exciting.

I can't upload anything until I have access to my scanner at school, hence the delay. In the meantime, this lets me make a buffer, and I'll fix the Cast page and such.

Get excited, the nobody who is reading this, or bored person from the future! :D

» Site Launched!

Welcome to the pre-launch of Echo! Please ignore the mess while the site is being constructed. Feel free to explore the links up top and the preview pages to get an idea of what to expect once I start updating for real.

How exciting~.

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