About the Story

Echo is the story of a sheltered boy who sets off on a journey throughout Victorian Europe to save his mother's life and his best friend's soul. On the way, he meets many strange characters--some friends, some not--and must radically alter his perception of life and what is really important to him... lest he lose it forever.

(You only wish you were pretentious enough to use the word "lest.")

This comic is not intended for young children and is rated PG-13. Possible objectionable content may include: swearing, graphic violence, and death.

About the Author

Born and bred in the Midwest, I went to school in New Jersey to study German, Japanese, and Medieval Studies. I like obscure languages, video games, folklore, and playing basically anything but classical music on the piano. Obviously I also really like writing and drawing and combining them to make comics.

Other Websites: Tumblr, pixiv

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