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A well-meaning, but naive boy who has never been allowed to leave home. His mother is a witch, but he has no special abilities to speak of.
The apprentice of a witch, he is intelligent and studies magic seriously, but has little patience for things he considers useless--like chemistry and herblore, for instance.
A mysterious, oddball figure who seems to have a special interest concerning a certain witch...
A witch who lives alone with her son and apprentice, avoiding any contact with the outside world. She may have some unorthodox teaching and parenting methods, but she's very protective of her boys.
An aristocratic young lady whose prim and proper behavior conceals a mischievous talent for pestering her older brothers. She seems to see things others cannot.
Emina’s older brother and primary heir to a large fortune.
Mattie, Jess, Emma, & Pat Children with an interest in gossip about their local witch. Pat and Jess are siblings, and Emma seems to harbor an unrequited crush on Mattie.
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