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They'll be expecting us. [Posted by Bero on Nov 07 2016 06:36 pm]

...But not the Spanish Inquisition!
Nobody expects that. Or the girl from the prologue. ;)

And that's a wrap for this chapter! Thanks for reading.

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[Posted by Birdz555 on Nov 08 2016 06:00 pm]

Throwback!! Ah that makes me want to go back to the beginning and reread this :D Start the next chapter with everything fresh in my mind~

Congrats on finishing another chapter! :D

[Posted by Bero on Nov 08 2016 06:28 pm]

@Birdz555: I am torn between saying "Be my guest!" and "Oh lord, don't look at the old art!" haha.

And thank you! I was really looking forward to reaching this milestone.

[Posted by Birdz555 on Nov 08 2016 09:27 pm]

@Bero: I totally feel that haha some of my older work I just want to tuck away so nobody sees!

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