FAQ's: by which I mean "Questions no one has actually asked me yet, but you may find interesting. :)"

1. How often do you update?
Once page every Thursday!

2. What programs do you use?/How is a page made?
I sketch out the pages with pencil (two pages per sheet), then scan them onto my computer. The comic will eventually be inked with Corel Painter 12, because I'm too lame for Photoshop. :V

3. I can has spoiler?
Heehee, you're funny. :D

4. How did you learn to draw?
I've been drawing since I've had the motor skills required to hold a marker. The only formal instruction I've had is general art classes up until my junior year of high school. I started drawing anime-style when I was 12 by buying "how to draw manga" books and tons of actual manga for "reference material."

When I was 13, I started a comic that ran for two years that was hilariously bad, yet a valuable learning experience. Near its end, I began developing my own comic style, just drawing like crazy until I got the feel I liked, as well as reading tutorials and studying the work of other artists I admire. And I still do that today.

5. Where else can I find you on the internet?
See the About page for links!

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