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May 20 2012 10:18 pm - Summer Update Schedule

Sad news for the start of a new chapter, but updates are dropping down to once a week on Thursdays until August 16. The comic will then go on hiatus until September 13. The reason for this is that each page is hand-drawn, and I don't have access to my scanner during summer break. Depending on my packing skills, I may not have my tablet for the summer, either. (It's not exactly "travel size"...)

Updates from June 7-July 19 will be uploaded ahead of time, because I'll be in Germany, and I'm not sure if I'll have internet access in my apartment. If I do, though, I'll likely be uploading pre-scanned sketches periodically on my tumblr: (Also assuming I'm not starving to death as I try to cook for myself for the first time, ahaha... sandwiches forever?)

Also, thanks to you anonymous folk who are reading my comic-in-progress! Some interesting things coming up in the next two chapters--can't wait to share them. :)


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